Cod Liver Oil VS Desiccated Liver

fishoilcapsulesMany important traditional superfoods such as bone broth, fermented vegetables, raw dairy, and organ meats have disappeared from our modern diets. These foods are packed with nutrients that can boost the immune system and prevent all sorts of health issues, yet we live in a world that seems to have forgotten that true health is determined by your diet. People turn to fast food instead of home cooked meals. People take synthetic supplements instead of nutrient dense superfoods such as those previously mentioned. In order to return to optimal health, we must return to a more traditional diet. Let’s take a look at two traditional superfoods that MUST make a comeback: fermented cod liver oil VS desiccated liver.

The Nutrients

Fermented cod liver oil is an excellent source of fat soluble vitamins A and D. This traditional superfood also packs a healthy punch of omega fatty acids. Desiccated liver, on the other hand, is an important source of vitamin A and vitamin B12. Desiccated liver is also packed with protein- about 70% by weight, amino acids, fatty acids, and more. Both of these supplements contain fat soluble nutrients so both supplements should contain naturally occurring healthy fat.

The Health Benefits

Though both traditional superfoods offer countless health benefits, the types of benefits vary in cod liver oil and desiccated liver. Fermented cod liver oil boosts the immune system, combats inflammation, corrects nutrients deficiencies, boosts mood and focus, strengthens teeth and bones, improves skin, hair, and nails, and boosts overall health. Desiccated liver boosts energy, improves the immune systems, boosts metabolism, improves digestion, improves respiratory strength, and help the body maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The Processing

Whether buying desiccated liver, fermented cod liver oil, or both, it is extremely important to read the supplements labels and research how the supplements were manufactured. Pure supplements with no artificial ingredients that are traditionally processed without extreme heat or chemicals are the best supplements for your body.