Using Protein Shakes to Fill in Gaps in the Vegetarian Diet

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Following a vegetarian diet offers people multiple health benefits, if followed correctly. According to an article published by Brown University, vegetarians are at a decreased risk of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and several other health conditions compared to their meat-eating counterparts.

As great as the benefits of a vegetarian diet can be, there can also be risks associated a vegetarian diet. One such risk is relying too heavily on processed foods. Potato chips, sugary cereals, and many other junk foods are all easy to eat and technically vegetarian options. However, a diet filled with these foods is depleted of nutrients and full of additives with the potential to do great harm to one’s health. But, choosing healthy whole vegetarian foods with zero to minimal processing can eliminate this risk.

In addition to knowing what foods to leave out of a balanced vegetarian diet, it is also important to know what foods to include in a vegetarian diet. Because removing meat from the diet removes a common protein source, vegetarians must take care to consume adequate protein levels for muscle building, energy levels, healthy cells, and overall well being.

An easy and nutritious way to combat low protein levels in a vegetarian diet is with the use of protein shakes. Vegetarians should look for a protein powder that contains quality sources of protein such as brown rice, hemp, or mushrooms. A blend of two or more of these protein sources offers even greater benefits by combining the nutritional advantages of each different source.

Besides being a good source of quality protein, protein shakes make it easy to increase protein content. Vegetarians struggling to get sufficient protein in their diets can simply make a shake for breakfast or for an afternoon energy booster.

People interested in a vegetarian diet should in no way be deterred by these potential risks of a vegetarian diet. Rather, people should take an informed approach to their health and be active about making wise choices on what they include in their diets.