My Favorite Weight Lifting Supplement


I bet you read the title and thought “This is going to be another bro-ed out article about pre-workout and protein powder.” But you are wrong! My favorite body building supplement isn’t produced in lab. It isn’t chock full of questionably legal ingredients like synthetic growth hormones. The supplement that I’m talking about is about as traditional as it gets and not only is it effective; it’s actually good for you!

The supplement I am talking about is desiccated liver. I take desiccated liver pills throughout the day just as traditional body builders did years before me. In fact, traditional body builders used to take up to 50 desiccated liver pills per day! I find that I take 10-15 capsules a day, and even that might be excessive.

You are probably wondering why I love desiccated liver so much. Well, let me explain. Desiccated liver supplements, when made the correct way, contain all of the same nutrients found within fresh, raw, beef liver. This means that desiccated liver supplements are a clean source of both protein and valuable amino acids. Think of amino acids as the building blocks of protein, and think of protein as the building blocks to muscle. Protein and amino acids are necessary for proper muscle growth and development, as well for preventing muscle soreness and improving recovery time.

Desiccated liver also contains B vitamins which work to increase energy down to the cellular level. Since starting to take desiccated liver, I’ve noticed that I can lift heavier for longer periods of time before reaching exhaustion. This may be because desiccated liver is a superstar at boosting both energy and endurance making it my all time favorite weight lifting supplement. You can learn more about desiccated liver supplements at