The Best Energy Boosting Herbs


It seems like everyone I know is totally addicted to coffee. They have coffee first thing when they wake up, coffee with breakfast, coffee with lunch, coffee on their way home from work- it’s madness! I don’t have time or patience to deal with the roller coaster of jitters and crashes caused by coffee. Luckily, there are natural alternatives that are healthier and much more effective.

Cordyceps sinensis and rhodiola rosea are the perfect solution for anyone who needs to boost their energy. Cordyceps and rhodiola are known as adaptogen herbs. In order to be classified as an adaptogen herb, the herb must have the ability to normalize and improve any aspect of the body that isn’t functioning properly. Adaptogen herbs must also boost overall health while causing zero side effects or negative interactions.

It is pretty impressive for an herb to be considered an adaptogen. Each adaptogen herb has its own specific qualities aside from normalizing and improving body functions and boosting overall health. Cordyceps specifically boosts energy, endurance, stamina which is perfect for boosting energy and vitality. Cordyceps also boosts oxygen capacity, lung function, and lung capacity. Cordyceps even helps to battle weakness and fatigue and improve sexual function! Talk about killing many birds with one stone.

Rhodiola rosea is another adaptogen herb that is perfect for boosting energy. First and foremost, rhodiola rosea boosts energy by fatigue and other stresses on the body. Rhodiola rosea also boosts the immune system, increases sexual desire, alleviates anxiety, improves mental function, reduces stress, regulates blood pressure levels and increases longevity.

It is no wonder that adaptogen herbs such as cordyceps and rhodiola are perfect for boosting energy and fighting fatigue. For all of the above reasons, I always choose adaptogen herbs over coffee to keep my energy and vitality soaring!

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